Student Welcome Concert 2014 Kortrijk by SeaMedia Howest

The Student Welcome Concert is a yearly music festival in the heart of the West-Flemish city of of Kortrijk. For 13 years now, students have been welcomed by the free festival in Kortrijk, a concept that has since been copied all over Belgium. On stage, a mix of rather unknown bands and famous acts. With almost 10.000 students in a population of 100.000 inhabitants, Kortrijk is a true student city with lots of possibilities for its youth. Kortrijk Student Welcome [...]

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The Student Curse: Deadline Day!

If there is one thing that troubles students, it is meeting the deadline, constantly having to produce and deliver work on time. This film was made by young film makers, working with BBC Voices.

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Paul McVeigh: What does a professional soccer player do next?

A frank profile of former Spurs and Northern Ireland soccer international Paul McVeigh, as he works to create a new life for himself after a footballing career. A film made by students working with BBC Voices.

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SeaMedia Howest Showreel

A compilation of SeaMedia Howest’s work from 2011 till 2014. More information at:

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Peregrines on Parade – flying from Norwich Cathedral

A pair of rare wild peregrines have set up home in the centre of Norwich, perching in most unlikely place. Their efforts to raise a family are attracting internet views from all over the world. Tracey Gardiner reports for

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an in depth look at Howest Kortrijk

The academic year 2014-2015 is about to start at Howest Kortrijk… This video requires the use of anaglyph (red/cyan) 3D glasses. Need some? Visit the Howest Campus. Music used under Creative Commons License: “Ghost Dance” by Kevin MacLeod.

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Recent Videos

  • Fyfe – Conversations [ live @ Le Grand Mix ]

    Fyfe – Conversations [ live @ Le Grand Mix ]

    Fyfe – Conversations [ live @ Le Grand Mix ] Video : Fred Rosemberg Son : Olivier Darques

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  • No More War || SeaMeCycle 2

    No More War || SeaMeCycle 2

    On the 28th of June 1914, the Archduke Franz Ferdinand is assassinated in Sarajevo. This would be the beginning of one of the deadliest conflicts in history: the First World War. Between the 10th and the 16th of June 2014, we cycled across the battlefields of 100 years ago. SeaMeCycle 2: Riding for Remembrance through Northern France and West Flanders Five hundred kilometers, 2 countries in 7 days with 8 people. That was the plan for the SeaMeCycle 2 tour. Howest journalism [...]

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  • Youth Unemployment: Norwich for Jobs Scheme

    Youth Unemployment: Norwich for Jobs Scheme

    Norwich MP Chloe Smith launched a campaign to create jobs in the Norwich area, particularly targeted at young people.’s Ellen Winton and Verity Stone report.

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  • Under the Radar conference – Mary Beth Pfeiffer | USA

    Under the Radar conference – Mary Beth Pfeiffer | USA

    Under the Radar was a SeaMedia Howest conference with international guest speakers for Journalistiek Howest students, staff, supporters, alumni, contacts and people in the media field. The goal is to challenge the audience to think about the history and future of investigative reporting and to learn about different methods they can use in their studies and work. Mary Beth Pfeiffer is projects writer and chief investigative reporter for the Poughkeepsie Journal, a daily newspaper in the Hudson Valley of New [...]

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