Taiko Drummer

One English woman’s passion for a traditional and highly stylised form of Japanese music has led to her becoming both an expert – and a teacher.

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How priceless is your beauty?

Have you ever spent €700 on a dress? Step into the glamorous world of someone who has. We interviewed fashionista and Miss Coast pageant finalist Saida Chebil about her views on beauty and fashion. On the other hand, Nele Demeyer lives an alternative lifestyle; she only shops in second hand stores and wears no make-up. This video was produced during Media bootcamp. In one week young people with different backgrounds worked together about ‘beauty standards’, enhancing their medium skills. This [...]

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What’s your Facebook face?

This video was produced during Media bootcamp. In one week young people with different backgrounds worked together about ‘beauty standards’, enhancing their medium skills. This video is featured on a blog showcasing all the work, which includes articles, radio and other videos. See all the results: http://confessionsoftheprettyones.tumblr.com/​

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Media BootCamp 2014 || My Beauty Ideal

What is your beauty ideal? Should every man be tall, sexy and muscular and every woman look like Barbie, with long legs and curvy features? Or are these alle unrealistic ideas, forced upon us by commercials and the media? Find out in this video.

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Kortrijk Congé 2014

Kortrijk Congé is an annual festival in Kortrijk, Belgium. Every year there is a different concept for the festival and the plan for this year is to create a parallel city for 25 hours solely based on the commitment of the people.

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SeaMeCycle 2 – Portraits

From 10 to 16 June 2014, 8 cyclists rode more than 500 kilometers together through Belgium and the North of France to remember the Great War (1914-1918), with support from the 2Seas Interreg project SeaMedia and Howest University College of West Flanders, Belgium. The group visited cemeteries, memorials and important spots of the First World War, recording impressions through photographs, video and audio. Tom Van Gijsegem, SeaMeCycle rider and Howest journalism teacher, worked with fellow-rider, photographer and Quindo Medialab volunteer [...]

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Recent Videos

  • Young people entertain older people

    Young people entertain older people

    The care centre Deken Darras in Tielt has a special holiday atmosphere. The young volunteers from JOKA organize all sorts of activities for the residents of the centre. They stay there still until Friday night. For the residents such a week is an added value. But it’s not easy to convince young people to organize themselves for this free vacation work. This summer there are about 15 JOKA teams at work in the province West-Flanders.

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  • Radio Guga on Kneistival

    Radio Guga on Kneistival

    Radio Guga is the new show from voice imitator Guga Baul with which he is touring from festival to festival all summer long. The show is no comedy, but music with musicians who switch quickly from one to another sing-along number. Yesterday the group played on the music festival Kneistival in Knokke-Heist in Belgium. In the fall the show can be seen in cultural centres. Radio Guga is a complete musical show with voice imitations of well-known singers, of world [...]

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  • Cactus music festival was success

    Cactus music festival was success

    The 34th Edition of the Cactus festival in Bruges was a great success with over 25000 visitors. A satisfied organizer Patrick Keersebilck says: “I would draw for such an Edition year after year”. On the eve of the festival the weather seemed to be disappointing, but after all the province West-Flanders escaped to the heavy rain. “The weather seems not to have had a major impact”, tells Keersebilck. “Saturday we had about 9000 visitors, Sunday 8000 and today we are [...]

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  • 10 to 10 in Brussels

    10 to 10 in Brussels

    Elina Datta wanted to spend 12 hours in Brussels from morning to evening to see as many tourist spots as possible. There was time for fun and savouring some Belgian food to make it a perfect day.

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