Norwich A Living Medieval City

Norwich, a living medieval city, has a history of more than a thousand years. The region was influenced by Romans, Saxons, Vikings and Normans, and had a significant position in both religion and trade.The initial appearance of the city was formed during the Middle Ages.Many famous buildings, such as Norwich Castle and Norwich Cathedral, were established during the Middle Ages and still stands beside the people living within the old city walls. Many of the medieval buildings are converted to [...]

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Howest and Bloso present: the Honour Games

Sorry, this entry is only available in Nederlands and Français.

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Is Manhood Decided by “Lad Culture”?

A phenomenon called “lad culture” is existed among British universities. It generally means a man is manly enough only if he has sports, drinking and sex in his life. Is this dangerous for college students as it might cause a new kind of discrimination? Or it’s not a matter to worry about? Here are the opinions of students from University of East Anglia. Reported by SeameTV students at UEA.

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Live A Physically Active Life

Active Norfolk made a 150-minute animation telling the benifits of living a physically active life. It doesn’t necessarily mean doing sports. Taking a walk instead of driving can also protect you from illness. Have an active life, have a healthier life. Reported by SeameTV students at UEA.

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Norwich Lanes Won The Great British High Street Award 2014

The Norwich Lanes, a series of mainly medieval streets, alleyways and open spaces, playing host to over 300 independent and creative boutiques, cafes and bars, won the city category of The Great British High Street (GBHigh St) Award 2014. Reported by SeameTV students at UEA.

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Performances on Street–The Art Living Besides You

Norwich has many artists performing on streets everyday. For the performers, this is a way to not only make money, but more important, let more people know about their arts. For the people living in the city, spending an afternoon dinking coffee and enjoying the music played on the street is a delightful choice. Reported by SeameTV students at UEA.

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